Sunday, March 11, 2012

Request to publish the logo for the International Romani Day on Google's main page

Here is something simple, yet meaningful that could be done to raise awareness about the Romani people, their rich history, and their human rights struggles today. I invite you to please take a minute and join this effort by the civic organization, Romea, to email Google to request the company post the logo for the International Romani Day on its main page on April 8 to honor that holiday.

Below is the email I sent to Feel free to copy or write your own:

I would like to request that you please publish the logo for the International Romani Day on your main page on April 8 to raise awareness about one of the largest minorities in Europe which has a rich history on the continent, but also experiences some of the most severe discrimination of all ethnic groups in areas of employment, housing, education and health care. Violence against Roma is also on the rise as economic strife across the EU deepens. Roma, of course, live all over the world, including in the US where they have been called the "hidden Americans" because they remain largely invisible.

International Romani Day was established in 1971, the year the Romani people themselves, representing communities from 14 different countries, organized the first-ever, historic World Romani Congress in London to discuss civil rights, cultural heritage, post-WWII reparations, and more. The Congress also agreed on the use of the word "Roma" as a self-identifier (instead of the pejorative term "Gypsy"), on the adoption of a Romani flag, and on the Romani national anthem, connecting Roma, whose heritage can be traced to India, the world over.

Please post the International Romani Day logo on April 8 2012 to commemorate this day and to raise awareness about the human rights struggles for Roma all across Europe and the world.

The logo designed by Laďa Gažiová, a Romani artist born in 1981 in Slovakia. She has based her design on the Roma flag and traditional Roma motifs.

The logo URL:

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